Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Questions

  • How do I submit a dream through Second Wind Dreams®?

    Registered elder care community members may submit E-Dreams by logging in with your membership information, and following the dream submission prompts. 

    To get started, just click the ‘Create Dream’ link located on the member welcome screen in the right hand navigation menu and complete our dream submission form. Be sure that all budget information is provided and itemized. For example: Trip to the Beach – each budget item must be listed separately – Transportation $$, Lodging $$, Food $$, etc. Also, you must provide via email supportive documentation to verify these expenses – Proposed hotel and room charges, proposed transportation and charges, etc. All supportive documents must be submitted via email before a dream can be approved for the e-dreams network.

  • How is it decided who gets their dreams fulfilled?

    Second Wind Dreams® makes dreams come true for people living in Senior Living – nursing homes, assisted living communities, public housing, home health, etc. We work with these entities to find resources in their local community to make the dreams come true.

    At SWD, we try to make as many dreams come true as possible! We start with those who have little or no family support. We also start with the simple Heart & Soul dreams, as the more complex dreams may require the community to get involved in fundraising and planning. Examples of this type of dream are overnight trips or finding a lost loved one.

  • Do you provide training for people involved in making dreams come true?

    When facilities or volunteers join our organization we provide them with a how–to manual that has everything in it from forms to use to specifics on how to weave a dream.
    Webinars are available through Go-To-Training. Please contact us for information or to schedule a webinar.

    SWD also provides continual support for the Dreams Program to all members.

  • Why does the Second Wind Dreams® website say that a dream costs more than the dollars necessary to fund that application?

    In order for Second Wind Dreams to be self-sustaining, we must add a small 'fulfillment charge' to every application we receive.

    The fulfillment charge, which is determined by our system automatically depending on the total cost to fund your application in full, represents the cost of providing our Internet-based services to you, the member, and its dreamers and performing the due-diligence that gives our donors the confidence to invest in your dreams in the first place.

  • What steps does Second Wind Dreams® take to ensure that the E-dreams it receives and funds have been made in good faith?

    At Second Wind Dreams, we take very seriously the responsibility of using your gifts wisely.

    The most important steps we take in this regard are a) we perform extensive due-diligence on each nursing home and nursing home contact we receive and b) we insure that the elder is eligible for the E-Dream that is being requested by their nursing home.

    When our donors authorize Second Wind Dreams to fund an E-Dream, we pay the nursing home the exact amount which the nursing home has requested to help directly make the elder’s dream come true. In addition, the nursing home that received the funds for the E-Dream is unable to submit another dream request until we have received specific documentation that the dream has come true. For this reason, we always know exactly how your contributions have been used.

    But we do much more than this to safeguard our donors' contributions. To learn more about the steps we take to make sure your contributions get to the elders who are in most need of a dream, please read our Donor Security FAQ found below.

  • Who is eligible for dream fulfillment through the Second Wind Dreams® Program?

    As a registered 501c3, Second Wind Dreams operates within its parameters as specified by the charter approved by the federal government.

    As stated in the charter, the SWD Program and fulfillment of dreams is permitted only through registered SWD members.  Specifically, all residents living within registered SWD elder care communities such as skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, etc. are eligible for the Dreams Program.  Similarly, all individuals directly receiving care and/or service from a registered SWD member such as home health, hospice, referral agency, etc. are eligible for the Dreams Program.  Individuals who are not receiving direct care and/or service from a registered SWD member do not qualify for the SWD Program.


Contribution Questions

  • Why should I support Second Wind Dreams®?

    An Eldercare Community (ECC) is any organization that provides a service to elders: i.e. Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, Hospice, Home Health, etc. These are organizations that become members of Second Wind Dreams and provide the dreams program for the elders they serve.

  • How quickly does my contribution actually get to an eldercare community?

    Almost instantly. As soon as our donors submit the donation to one of our pre-qualified applications, Second Wind Dreams® instantly updates that dreamer's status to 'funded' and places the check necessary to fund that E-Dream in the mail.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes. Second Wind Dreams® is a registered 501 (c) (3) (tax exempt) organization. Any contribution that you make to Second Wind Dreams is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

  • How can I make a donation to support Second Wind Dreams®?

    The fastest, easiest and most secure way to support Second Wind Dreams is to make a monthly pledge/one-time gift using our secure online payment form.

    If you'd like to support Second Wind Dreams but would prefer not to make your donation online, we offer several other ways to support Second Wind Dreams. These include making a gift or pledge by check or through your bank's bill payment software, volunteering your skills, donating an in-kind gift to make a dream come true, even selling on eBay to benefit Second Wind Dreams.

  • If I contribute to Second Wind Dreams®, can I expect an update after the dream is fulfilled?

    Absolutely! In fact, many donors tell us that the most rewarding part of contributing to Second Wind Dreams is reading the stories of the people whose dreams have come true. We have a gallery of fulfilled dreams, and each eldercare community also posts updates to individual dreams from their profile as well. You can also keep up with ALL of our dreams on our Facebook page

  • Suppose I donate to Second Wind Dreams® for a dream that cannot be funded. What happens?

    Your generous donation will simply move to the next dream that is about to reach its goal of fulfillment.  In this way, your donation for a dream will go on.  

  • Is Second Wind Dreams® able to take advantage of employer/employee matching gifts?

    Yes. If your employer offers a matching gift incentive, then all you have to do is send your gift, along with your employer's matching gift form, to the address on our contacts page.

    Immediately upon receipt, we'll fill out the matching gift form and return it, plus any necessary documentation, to your employer.

  • Does Second Wind Dreams® accept gifts of material good for the distribution of others?

    Yes. We can make suggestions of elder care communities or specific residents in need of material goods. 

  • Can I expect a receipt for tax purposes?

    Yes. At Second Wind Dreams®, donors receive an e-mail thanking them for their gifts as their gifts are entered into our database. You can also request a record of your donations at year-end. 

  • If I choose to contribute to Second Wind Dreams® online, is my credit card information secure?

    Yes. To safeguard your sensitive personal information, our online payment form is secured using the highest level of encryption available and is powered by PayPal and MobileCause, leaders in secure online payments and donations.

    Additionally, and as an added layer of security, Second Wind Dreams DOES NOT archive or retain access to your credit / debit card data. Once your contribution is complete, we electronically 'shred' your contribution data such that is it never again accessible to anyone - not even Second Wind Dreams staff members have access to it.

  • Can I make a gift or pledge via eCheck or an electronic debt / automatic payment from my checking account?

    Yes. To make a gift or pledge via your checking account using your bank's bill payment software, just input the amount of your one time gift or recurring pledge using the following payee information from our contact page.

    That's all there is to it. Once - or once monthly - your bank will automatically send a check in the amount you specify to Second Wind Dreams®.

    If you need further help with this process, just contact us, and we'll be happy to help you in any way that we can.   

Elder Care Community Partner Questions

  • Is there a cost for eldercare communities to join and post dreams to the site?

    There is an initial $300 registration fee for Dream Membership with an annual $50 renewal.

  • What do eldercare members receive for their membership fee?

    Click here to read more about member benefits

  • I'm not sure whether my ECC qualifies for Second Wind Dreams® Assistance and would like to ask questions before I apply. Whom should I contact?

    Please contact us.

  • What happens once I submit my application to Second Wind Dreams®?

    1.    When a member applies for involvement in the E-Dreams an online application is completed and submitted to Second Wind Dreams. It is first pre-screened by one of our Dreams Advocacy Specialists. During prescreening, we determine whether, the member qualifies for the Second Wind Dreams E-Dreams program. We verify your membership status.

    2.    When a member clears pre-screening, we update the status of that application to 'Pending' and notify the member contact via e-mail that it is time to submit the documentation that we need to begin processing the E-Dream request.

    Once we have in hand and have reviewed the documentation that we've requested in support of an E-Dream request, that application is updated to Approved /Funding and is posted on the website for donor review.

    3.    Once an application has been pre-qualified by Second Wind Dreams®, it immediately becomes available for donor review. Donors can view applications in the "search dreams" section of our website.

    4.    The moment that our donors have given an E-Dream 100% of the funds that it needs in order for us to authorize an E-Dream as “funded”, that application is instantly updated to funded status.

    As soon as an application is funded by our donors, we mail a check to the member contact named in the dreamer’s applicant documentation. After we have received verification that the dream occurred with the Dreams Outcome Form and testimonial, the member is eligible to apply for another E-Dream.

  • How will Second Wind Dreams® communicate with me about the status of my membership and/or dream application?

    Throughout the application process, your Dreams Advocacy Specialist will communicate with you EXCLUSIVELY via e-mail or phone. You can also view the status of your E-Dreams on your profile page at our website.

    Our website updates automatically when a donation has been made so you will know the status of your application simply by checking your personal page at our website.

  • What types of dreams can eldercare partners submit?

    E-Dreams are as varied as the dreamers are. No E-Dream is too large or small to be considered.

    However, the basic premise of Second Wind Dreams® is for you to involve your outside community to make the dreams come true. This should always be your first effort. If we are going to change the perception of aging, it is the people around your ECC that will do that the best by being a part of making the dream come true.

    After you have exhausted your attempts to include your community, it’s time to submit your dream on our E-Dream network!!!

  • How many active dreams can a partner submit?

    1.    A member may post up to three (3) active Edreams. These would be dreams seeking funding or assistance.

    2.    Once a dream is marked "approved funded", meaning it has received 100% of the funding needed to fulfill the dream, a member may post another Edream - not to exceed the limit of three active Edreams at any given time. Dreams marked as "approved funded" do not count against the "active" Edreams limit.

    3.    All documentation for "fulfilled" Edreams must be completed within 7 days of dream fulfillment. If more than three dreams are marked "approved funded" and have not been completed, Second Wind Dreams® reserves the right to place a "hold" on additional Edream submissions until the proper documentation is completed on fulfilled dreams.

    4.    This policy does not affect dream outcome reports. There is no limit to the number of fulfilled dream outcome reports that can be posted online. We encourage you to post outcome reports for every dream you fulfill on your own outside the Edreams network.

  • How long does my pre-qualified E-dream application remain active? Do pre-qualified E-dreams ever expire?

    Generally, pre-qualified E-Dreams remain in donor review at Second Wind Dreams® for 60 days.

    If, after 60 days, your E-Dream has not received all of the funds that it needs from our donors in order for us to approve your dream request, it expires and becomes 'unfunded.' At that point, you're welcome to resubmit your E-Dream application with updated documentation for further consideration from our donors.

    While you're welcome to submit an E-Dream as many times as you like, if the same E-Dream goes unfunded twice at Second Wind Dreams, we wouldn't recommend that you submit it a third time, as this generally indicates that, for reasons beyond our control, our donors have determined that they are not willing to make the investment necessary to fully fund that particular E-Dream. When this occurs, our dream team will help you explore other ways this dream could come true.


  • The dreamer that has a dream pending has changed status. Can I withdraw the dream?

    If you'd like to withdraw an E-Dream, please contact us for assistance.

Miscellaneous Questions

  • What is an eldercare community?

    An Eldercare Community (ECC) is any organization that provides a service to elders ie: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, Hospice, Home Health, etc. These are organizations that become members of Second Wind Dreams® and provide the dreams program for the elders they serve.

  • I would like to visit a nursing home in my area. Can Second Wind Dreams® help with that?

    Yes. Second Wind Dreams has a large network of nursing homes that would welcome a visitor. Please contact us.

  • I know someone with a life-threatening illness. Can Second Wind Dreams® help?

    Second Wind Dreams specializes in fulfilling the dreams of elders living in eldercare communities like nursing homes, and the dreams we facilitate are submitted by those communities.

    If the person you know lives in an eldercare community, by all means, let your community know about us! If not, we recommend contacting The Dream Foundation, which specializes in fulfilling the dreams of adults with life-threatening illnesses.

  • I have a specific question about Alzheimer's. Can you answer that?

    Second Wind Dreams® specializes in fulfilling the dreams of elders and in sensitivity training for professional and informal caregivers. For specific questions about Alzheimer's we recommend consulting a physician or browsing the Alzheimer's Foundation website for more information.

  • I have a question about improving the quality of life for individuals over the age of 50, not specific to dementia or life in an eldercare community. Can you answer this question?

    We recommend browsing the AARP website and reaching out to them if your question is still not answered.

  • Do you partner with and provide financial support to other organizations helping the elderly?

    We are not currently in a position to provide financial support to other organizations; however, Caesar's Foundation does provide support to select organizations who share their mission of enhancing the life of elders, and you may consider reaching out to them.