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Second Wind Dreams® Announces Collaboration with Senior Helpers; Virtual Dementia Tour® Training Implemented Companywide

February 12, 2014

Senior Helpers staff and franchise owners will gather from all over the country in Atlanta on February 19th and 20th to participate in the 2014 Virtual Dementia Tour Training presented by Second Wind Dreams. Senior Helpers will implement the Virtual Dementia Tour companywide in order to better serve clients and their families.  Senior Helpers is the first organization to fully embrace Second Wind Dream's corporate philosophy by implementing both the Virtual Dementia Tour and the award winning Dreams program.

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Alzheimer's Foundation of America and Second Wind Dreams Team up to Help Fulfill Dreams for People with Dementia

December 10, 2013

NEW YORK (December 10, 2013) — As people across the country finalize their holiday wish lists, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) and Second Wind Dreams® (SWD) are teaming up to make the dreams of people with Alzheimer’s disease or related illnesses a reality.  The AFA-SWD Sleeping Dreamer Project” kicks off December 10, with the fulfillment of dreams for three elders with dementia in Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York (Brooklyn).

 The care-focused nonprofit organizations will award a minimum of two dreams per month for the next year to individuals with dementia, under a grant provided by AFA. The dreams allow a person to relive a fond experience or satisfy a long-time desire expressed to family or professional caregivers.

 When his dream takes place on December 10, Las Vegas resident Jim Manchester, 91, hopes to reel in “the big one” during an outing on Lake Mead. An avid fisherman in his younger days, Manchester, is in declining cognitive and physical health, and hasn’t gone fishing in more than 20 years. With the help of the local Bass Pro Shops, Happy and some family members will go on an all-expense paid fishing trip with the bass Pro Shops Pro to recapture the joy of “fishing for his supper!”

 Meanwhile, in New York, Ola Hightower, 76, will also take to the water. She always fantasized about learning how to swim—an activity that passed her by, she said, simply, because “I didn’t live near water.” As her daughter looks on, Hightower will take her very first swimming lesson at the Prospect Park YMCA in Brooklyn, N.Y.

 And in Atlanta, Darwin Strickland, a former jazz drummer and U.S. postal worker, will realize his desire to once again bang out some tunes on the club circuit. AFA and SWD have arranged for the 75-year-old Strickland to perform at the iconic music venue, Blind Willie’s Bar and Restaurant in Atlanta, along with a local teen jazz band, and a bag of “musical goodies supplied by the Atlanta Symphony. 

 Since its founding 16 years ago, SWD has brought some 16,000 dreams to life for elders. The collaboration with AFA brings the program to another level, enabling the fulfillment of even more dreams and focusing specifically on people with dementia; SWD fondly calls them “sleeping dreamers.”

 “Humanizing the treatment of people with dementia shows faith in the human spirit, that no matter how severe the decline, there is hope always,” said P.K. Beville, SWD’s founder and an award-winning geriatric specialist. “In demonstrations where people with dementia experience a recreated favorite memory, the seemingly confused and withdrawn person ‘wakes up’ as the dream unfolds, often actively engaging family and professional caregivers.”

 Carol Steinberg, AFA’s president, said the initiative aligns with AFA’s mission to improve quality of life for people with dementia and their families. “Granting these wishes, even ones that may seem simple, empowers recipients to live in the moment, and experience much-deserved joy and dignity,” she said. “It’s never too late.”  

 Currently, more than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, and the incidence is expected to triple by mid-century. The disease results in loss of memory and other cognitive functions, and is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Under the AFA-SWD Sleeping Dreamers Project, organizations that are members of both AFA and SWD, such as Alzheimer’s agencies, senior centers and elder care communities, can apply to fulfill dreams for their any of their residents.  Visit for more information.


About Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA)

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, based in New York, is a national non-profit organization that unites more than 1,600 member organizations nationwide with the goal of providing optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families. Its services include a toll-free hot line staffed by licensed social workers, educational materials, a free quarterly magazine for caregivers, and professional training. For more information about AFA, call toll-free 866-232-8484, visit, follow us on Twitter (@alzfdn), and “like” us on Facebook (


About Second Wind Dreams

Second Wind Dreams is an international, nonprofit organization committed to changing the perception of aging through the fulfillment of dreams and educational programs that help caregivers understand the physical and mental challenges facing those with Dementia. Founded in 1997, SWD is recognized as the first in the nation to focus on enhancing the quality of life for elders and changing society’s perception of seniors by making dreams come true.  Affiliated with more than 500 elder care communities across the country, Second Wind Dreams® has made thousands of dreams come true for seniors. For more information about Second Wind Dreams®, call (678-624-0500) or visit, follow us on Twitter (@SecondWindDream), and “like” us on Facebook ( 


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Virtual Dementia Tour to be Featured at Top National Conference of Long-Term Care Professionals

September 27, 2013

Thousands of long term and post-acute care professionals from across the nation will soon learn more about the Virtual Dementia Tour®(VDT) when it is featured at the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Second Wind Dreams Announces First-Ever National Second Wind Dreams Day Eldercare Communities Across Country to Welcome Public and Honor Elders on New Day Celebrating Aging, Saturday, September 7, 2013

August 12, 2013

People from all walks of life will soon celebrate the journey of aging and honor those who prove every day that AGING ROCKS! when they visit an eldercare community on the first-ever National Second Wind Dreams Day.  

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CaraVita Home Care & Second Wind Dreams Celebrate Grand Opening of Virtual Dementia Tour® Community Site

June 26, 2013

Beth Cayce, CEO of CaraVita Home Care, and P.K. Beville, founder & CEO of Second Wind Dreams® and author of the Virtual Dementia Tour®, recently welcomed Roswell city officials as the first in the community to experience the new community site of the Virtual Dementia Tour®, a scientifically proven method of building a greater understanding of dementia through the use of patented sensory tools and instruction.

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New Method of Understanding Dementia to Transform Care in the UK

June 12, 2013

Care for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias in the UK is set to be transformed when a leading healthcare training company starts to offer the Virtual Dementia Tour® – a hands-on, sensitivity training programme which gives people a greater understanding of the physical and mental challenges facing the more than 820,000 people in the UK with dementia.

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Dementia Expert P.K. Beville Receives U.S. Patent for Virtual Dementia Tour® Program

June 3, 2013

The United States Patent & Trademark Office has granted U.S. Patent No. 8,388,347 to P.K. Beville, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based Second Wind Dreams, for her Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias sensitivity training program known as the Virtual Dementia Tour®. Experienced by more than 500,000 in 17 countries since its creation, the Virtual Dementia Tour® program is a scientifically proven method of building a greater understanding of dementia through the use of patented sensory tools and instruction.

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Local Nursing Home to be Transformed Into Garden Oasis Thanks to Caesars Entertainment Volunteers and Second Wind Dreams

April 22, 2013

Residents of the North Las Vegas Care Center will see the center of their outdoor activities transformed into a garden oasis this week when Caesars Entertainment HERO volunteers join with Second Wind Dreams to make sustainable improvements to the Care Center’s courtyard on Saturday, April 20. 

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Virtual Dementia Tour® to be Showcased at TEDMED, International Conference Connects Leaders Shaping Future of Healthcare, Healthcare Leaders to Experience Dementia Sensitivity Training Program

April 12, 2013

Leaders of Second Wind Dreams® have announced that their Virtual Dementia Tour®, a scientifically proven method of building a greater understanding of dementia through the use of sensory tools and instruction, will be showcased by Johnson & Johnson in their exhibit at TEDMED, a major national conference focusing on the intersection of medicine and healthcare. 

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Until there is a cure...take the Tour®

April 9, 2013

Become a Champion for Those Suffering from Dementia 

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