Training 2 CARE UK Ltd Launches VDT Vehicles

September 16, 2014

Training 2 CARE UK Ltd (T2C), the UK partners of Second Wind Dreams®, continues to show their commitment to growing the Virtual Dementia Tour® by using high-profile  campaigns.


Most recently, Training 2 CARE UK Ltd purchased three pool cars used for facilitators’ transportation to increase the VDT profile and awareness.  The cars will travel across the UK when facilitators deliver the VDT or any other of T2C's 69 courses.  This commitment demonstrates the forward thinking that both Second Wind Dreams and Training 2 CARE are using to increase awareness in this important marketplace.


Already securing contracts with several local government departments, the UK Fire Service, Prison Service, NHS (National Health Service) care providers, elder care communities, colleges and hospitals, the Virtual Dementia Tour is proving a needed and trusted brand for those interested in improving practice and changing lives. 


Training 2 CARE is currently in negotiations with other organizations such as SAIF (governing body of Funeral Directors), which Managing Director Glenn Knight will be presenting to 600 independent directors on September 17 at their UK conference. 


Thank you Training 2 CARE UK Ltd for you continued hard work and efforts in spreading the Virtual Dementia Tour across the UK as a key component of Dementia strategies and training.


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