Help our elders find their "second wind."

Fulfill a Dream Below


Family Weekend

25.61% $200 / $781
Days left to fund: 24


My Life as a Shriner

5.95% $20 / $336
Days left to fund: 27

Clarenc has been a Shriner for over 48 years! We will surprise him on Saturday July 29th, 2017 at the...


Bush Museum

0% $0 / $122
Days left to fund: 27

Maxine was a school teacher for over 30 years!!She would like to go out to SMU to The George Bush...


My Honor to Serve

0% $0 / $275
Days left to fund: 27

Franchesca Connors spent many years with the Huntsville, AL Police Department as a Volunteer. She is very proud of her...


A Long Over Due Motorcycle Ride!

4.1% $25 / $610
Days left to fund: 28

Joan has always LOVED motorcycles, in her younger years she had a motorcycle of her own that she use to...


Red Hat Mama's Dream Reunion

0% $0 / $244
Days left to fund: 33

Carolyn has always been an active member of her local Red Hat Society Chapter, who call themselves "The Red Hat...


One Last Trip To Seattle

0% $0 / $1,525
Days left to fund: 39

Please consider donating to help get Margaret one last trip to see all of her family in Seattle. She has...


Family Reunion

0% $0 / $183
Days left to fund: 56

We are seeking support for one of our residents named Annie. She hasn't been able to see some of her...