Help our elders find their "second wind."

Fulfill a Dream Below


Exploring Mills Park Hotel with My Daughter

19.67% $60 / $305
Days left to fund: 42

Pat is our second oldest resident who is 98.  She is very humble, intelligent and still very physically active.  Her daughter, Barb...


Flower Dreams

0% $0 / $159
Days left to fund: 43

Irene ruptured her disc and had surgery in 1976.  More surgery followed and has left her in terrible pain.  She...



0% $0 / $214
Days left to fund: 58

Marsha was a school teacher for 20 years. Her hobbies are painting and gardening.She wants to spruce up the court...


Shop Till You Drop

0% $0 / $244
Days left to fund: 58

Mrs. Deramus (fondly know as Miss "D") is  a retired educator, she taught school for 15 years and worked as an...