39 Residents of Dementia Unit from Bethlehem, PA
Warm and Cozy Wrapped in Love

39 Residents of Dementia Unit

On April 24th, the 39 residents of Unit 5 were warm and cozy wrapped up in their beautiful shawls.  Over many months the Prayer Shawl Ministry of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary Church in Bethlehem lovingly knitted shawls and cross-stitched crosses for each resident. It was a celebratory time, as the Prayer Shawl Ministry group accompanied Monsignor Klinger in blessing the shawls and the residents during a coffee social. 


The group knits and crochets many items for recipients in the Lehigh Valley but rarely do they get the chance to meet them.  They were delighted that they had the opportunity to chat and visit with our very appreciative residents, who very much enjoyed meeting them and accepting their thoughtful, practical and beautiful gift. Big thank you hug to Bert, Diana, Monsignor Kllinger and the Prayer Shawl Ministry group!


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