Kitchens from Valdosta, Georgia
39th Wedding Anniversary

In 2014 life was forever changed for Jesse and Linda Kitchens.  Mrs. Kitchens suffered a massive stroke.  Mr. Kitchens, along with his family were faced with the unbelievable fact that the strong lady who they had always counted on to love, support and take care of them, was no longer able to do those things.  Left with very few choices, the family made the decision to move Mrs. Kitchens into PruittHealth Lakehaven where she could receive the care that she needed and could no longer get at her family home.  Mr. Kitchens remained very devoted to his wife and visited her daily.  

In 2016 his health had declined to the point were he needed to move into PH Lakehaven for a short period of time.  Things changed, as they often do, and he made the decision to make PH Lakehaven his permanent home.  Mr. and Mrs. Kitchens are very lucky to have two sons that love them and visit with them daily.  Their oldest son, Michael expressed, to a member of our Priutt Health family, that his parent’s 39th wedding anniversary was approaching and that due to their declining health, they had not been able to celebrate in several years. This year, our C2C Team did not want this to be the case. 

We spoke with the Kitchens and with their sons and discovered that an anniversary dinner was just what they had been wishing for.  We created a romantic dinner setting and included all of their favorite dishes.  Accompanied by family and friends, they were able to celebrate their love and life together.  Following the dinner, they retired to their room where they were surprised with an anniversary gift, a brand new television.  Smiles were all around as we were able to help this sweet couple celebrate. 

We are grateful to PruittHealth’s Committed to Caring Challenge, as well as to Second Wind Dreams, for helping us to remember that we are caring for people first and their disabilities second.    


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