Roceriah from Durham, NC
A Reunion with Church and Family

At age 95 Mrs. Roceriah Grimes had but one wish she spoke about when asked, “what would you like to have occur on your 95th Birthday”?  Mrs. Roceriah Grimes replied, “I would love to be able to fellowship once again with my church and family”.  Although she said, “it might be rather difficult to get to see everybody now a day, especially since time waits for no one”. My sister age 92 and myself are the last 2 siblings of a family of 10, which included 8 brothers and 2 sisters.  I loved my husband of 30 years who has since passed away. I have loved my church family at White Oak Baptist Missionary Church, in Apex N.C. from my youth until this present day, but I really miss the fellowship of songs (her favorite song is How Great thou Art), of love and laughter, and special moments of prayer.  I’m getting older now and I can’t do all the things I used to love to do, such as cooking of cakes, and home cooked meals for church and family, but I certainly enjoyed doing those things when I could. I have no children of my own, But the church has stepped up to help attend to some of my needs.   My vision is growing a little dim, but the memories just continue to grow stronger in my mind. It is a wonderful thing to have dear memories of love and family.   

Mrs. Grimes enjoyed a perfect 95th birthday celebration!

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  • Durham, NC