Betty from Moultrie, Georgia
PruittHealth Sunrise’s Next Top Model


Betty’s most beautiful fashion accessory is her smile. She wears it constantly and has the positive attitude to go along with it. Her love of fancy clothes, trendy shoes, sparkly jewelry, and the latest hairstyles make it easy to see why she said that it has always been her dream to become a model. PruittHealth Sunrise partnered with members of our community to help make Betty’s dream come true.

She started off her adventure on Monday, March 27th by going to Flair Salon and having her wig styled by Gail McCarty Holliway. Betty does not have enough of her own hair to be able to have her hair styled and wears synthetic wigs that have been made for her. She loved being pampered and being the only one in the studio! Next, accompanied by PruittHealth Sunrise partners, she headed to beautiful downtown Moultrie. She had the doors opened to her at Turner’s Dress Shop, owned by Beth Stripling, and she was graciously waited on by Jane Holman. Three beautiful outfits awaited her in the dressing room and with the help of Sunrise partners, she was able to quickly try her favorite one on and declare it the winner. She was already excited about her hair and her outfit and feeling so pampered and spoiled that she thought we had already fulfilled her dream. She was so happy to know that there was more to come the next day!

On Tuesday, March 28th, Betty was a trooper because she had an early medical appointment that took her out of the facility, but she was ready when Karen Balderas, the professional makeup artist came to give her a cover girl look. The makeover was followed by a manicure and pedicure, compliments of Martha Flowers of Styles Unlimited. Now, she was styled from head to toe! Dressed in the latest fashion donated by Turner’s and ready to learn how to model from the experts, Betty was well on her way to become the model she had always dreamed of being.

It had been decided that we would have Ms. Betty model in a commercial and sell a product that she can talk about. She said that she always loved watching “America’s Next Top Model” and her favorite part was when the models had to get up and talk in front of Tyra Banks or be in a commercial.  Gray Armstrong of Gray Armstrong Photography provided the backdrop and photography for the commercial and also directed it. Gray contributed great creativity and enthusiasm which made the commercial go off without a hitch! Haley Chavez assisted him. Marsha Doll of Marsha Doll Models from Tallahassee, Florida came to teach Betty how to be a model. Kathryn Palmer, Ms. Doll’s assistant, was on hand to show Ms. Betty how to walk the runway and how to pose. Their energy had everyone hopping! Even Ms. Betty who had to be running out of steam was finding her second wind! Last, but not least, Lauri Jo Bennett, the creator and owner of Lauri Jo’s Southern Style Canning volunteered her time. She lent us her personality and southern grace that played off of Betty’s sweet spirit. They were a natural fit! 

Looking around the room at the faces that were watching Betty as her dream was fulfilled, it was evident that people were happy for her because she was so genuinely deserving. You could see the joy coming from down deep in her soul! When asked why did you want to become a model? She said, “Because I always loved fashion. I always loved meeting people. I always loved having my picture taken.” She thought she was just practicing being a model, then she realized that she actually became one. She had her dream come true with the help of many wonderful community leaders that are willing to see above and beyond their own horizons and give all they have to make stories like this a success! Betty White, you are PruittHealth’s Sunrise’s Next Top Model!

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  • Moultrie, Georgia