Tremayne from Fairburn, Georgia
Simple Moments & Lifetime Memories

Our team gathered many wonderful ideas for future endeavors during the dream discovery interviews. One interviewer stood out amongst the rest as we pondered our options. Pruitt Health Fairburn as well as Long Term Care in general is no longer exclusive to the elderly. Our services are being rendered to a younger population year by year. This year’s Dreamer is a 44yr man named Tremayne Watkins .  Due to multiple health issues he requires a level of care and assistance that brought him to us 4 years ago. Unfortunately limiting his ability to be an active as before in the life of his then 9 year old son, Tremanye Jr. aka TJ. Tremayne suffers with aphasia and is a very quiet man of few words. During dream discovery he mentioned wanting to see one of his son’s football games and just do normal stuff with him. He expressed regret that the only memories he makes with his son is spending a few hours together when he  comes to visit him every other Saturday and  football season had ended. Our team thought of how simple his dream was and how many parents take for granted the memories we make with our kids on a daily basis…Tremayne touched us. 
We set out to plan a seemingly normal father-son outing that would be memorable for them both. We planned a day of fun games and food at Dave and Buster’s for Tremayne SR, TJ, and Tremayne’s Step-father. We topped the afternoon off with a helicopter ride over the City of Atlanta. TJ is just as shy as his dad, but his excitement was infectious. He really enjoyed spending time with his Dad and grandfather. The trio was very thankful. Our C2C team also was able to provide each family member with a video of their day as a memento. 
It was our pleasure to help this family experience a day that to us is just a normal occurrence in our day to day lives. Thank you to Pruitt Health and Second Wind Dreams for allowing us to serve our residents and be a part of making “Simple moments into lifetime dreams”. 
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  • Fairburn, Georgia