Ralph from Macon, Georgia
The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Dream That Keeps On Giving

PruittHealth Eastside Adventure Park

In Recognition of Mr. Ralph Kitchens



What Inspired this Dream? Our Resident Mr. Ralph Kitchens everyday around 2:00PM always asks to go outside. Several of our Management team assist him in walking in the grassy area in front and on the side of the building, where he always stopped and let the sunshine kiss his face and then he smiles.



So our C2C team met with Mr. Kitchens and asked if he had one wish what would it be? He replied, "I love to be outside!" "Listen to the birds, sitting in the sun, walking around; just to smell the fresh air!"



 This is when our C2C members went to our Maintenance Director and asked how can we make his dream a reality. He then constructed a swing, gardening tables, picnic tables, and a park sign.



Once everything was finished, the C2C team stained all the benches the garden tables, and the sign was hung. The garden tables were all filled with collards, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce planted by C2C members as requested by our residents.


Lastly, A beautiful flower garden was planted to give the park a more elaborate sense of outdoors!


PruittHealth Eastside Adventure Park came alive for Mr Kitchens and our residents.


This is a gift that will keep on giving!




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  • Macon, Georgia