Kenneth from Savannah, Georgia
The Maintenance Man

As a young child Mr. Kenneth Jones developed his inspiration for carpentry through observing the relentless efforts of his father’s construction business expand. He would watch and learn from his dad the very lessons he still remembers to this day. “My dad was always working on a house, and remodeling something”, Mr. Jones recalls.  His dad would encourage him to build things with the extra lumbar and use the tools from his shop. “It all started when I learned to make surf boards. Shortly after that I joined the Air force as an Aircraft mechanic. Next I became a machinist for a printing company that lead me to join the South Carolina International Guard as a jet engine mechanic. It wasn’t long before I was offered a full-time position with the company. My next venture involved car repair in the garage at my home. I’ve have always enjoyed doing repairs at my home. Up until a few years ago I had my own home repair business in cocoa Florida, before doing the same here in Savannah.  I would still be doing carpentry today, if it weren’t for my accident. Anything that involves carpentry, plumbing, or electrical would be my idea of my dream job,” said Mr. Jones.

After two years of Mr. Jones’ valiant efforts in obtaining a position in the maintenance department as a maintenance assistant, Pruitt Health Savannah resident, Kenneth Jones finally got his chance to fulfill his passion to continue his legacy of helping others while doing what he loves. Shortly after the Committed to Caring committee held a meeting decided to make Kenneth’s wish come true.  C2C member’s and Human Resources partner, Keyannah Smith contacted Mr. Kenneth Jones to schedule an interview with director of maintenance, Maurice Sanders.

When Mr. Jones received the phone call he was very excited. “Everything I’ve learned has been OJT (on the job training),” said Mr. Jones with a bit of a laugh. Mr. Jones, who was surrounded by several members of the Pruitt family, said, “Would you believe that a month before my accident I was hired to install hand rails for Pruitt on the walls and replace ceiling lights, so this will be a piece of cake!” The entire Pruitt family delighted in the opportunity to experience the awesome power of his dream coming into fruition, if just for a moment in time.  Mr. Jones showed up for his interview 30 minutes early with joy and excitement in his eyes.   He completed his application and sat patiently waiting in the lobby until his interview began. During the job interview, he was very attentive and asked a lot of questions about what he was going to be doing.  He was then asked by Maurice “what do you like to do?”, Mr. Jones replied – “Provide service with a smile” Maurice smiled and said to Mr. Jones, ‘your hired, and welcome to the Pruitt Health Savannah team!

Mr. Jones attended new partner orientation and was able to watch our CEO, Neil Pruitt’s welcome video.  After orientation, Mr. Jones was immediately put to work.  He and the maintenance director walked throughout the facility fixing call buttons and going room to room repairing residents’ telephones. Mr. Jones took on the challenge of each task without complaint, and he did an exceptional job on repairing the telephones.  When it was time for lunch, Kenneth and Maurice decided to eat their lunch in the main dining room.  As they approached the dining room, Mr. Jones was welcomed with a loud cheer of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ from the partners and residents.  Mr. Jones was celebrating his 64th birthday a day early!!!!!!  Mr. Jones expressed his gratitude and said today has been so awesome as he gave us the thumbs up with a smile!!!

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