Mimi from Harrisburg, North Carolina
A Day at the Farm

Mimi Sells worked hard her whole life to take care of her family, but for her, there was nothing she would have rather done.  In fact, if you ask her to describe her perfect day she would tell you Christmas with her family.  Mimi has this ability to turn anything she’s doing into something fun.  There is one thing she has always wanted to do, and that is to drive a tractor.  We went to Mimi’s granddaughter, Scarlett, and told her about her dream, and she immediately wanted to host the event at her house. 


On March 25th we escorted Mimi and 5 other residents to Scarlett’s farm.  We were greeted by Scarlett and the Cabarrus County 4-H group, who were there to help with the horses and goats.  Our residents were provided carrots to feed the horses and were able to pet them, they were able to hold one of the baby goats.  There was so much joy captured in their smiles during that moment. 


After they spent some time with the animals, the square dancers arrived.  The square dancers played for about an hour and included the residents and guests into some of their routines.  We took a break after the dancing everyone enjoyed BBQ, coleslaw, baked beans, and some banana pudding. 


We contacted Paul Shadt of 96.9 Kat Country to try and get Kenny Chesney to come out and sing a couple of songs for Mimi, she is one of his biggest fans.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts he wasn’t able to make it.  We improvised and played “She thinks my Tractor’s Sexy” for Mimi when she was getting on the back of the tractor. 


The residents were able to enjoy a hayride around the farm before getting back on the bus to head back home. They couldn’t stop talking about their experiences during the day on the ride back.  They were all still smiling the next day and talking about the adventure they had on the farm.  

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  • Harrisburg, North Carolina