Levis from Anderson, South Carolina
A Day in Clemson

Levis Sams, 89, was surrounded Thursday by all the things in life that he loves. The World War II Veteran was granted his wish, a day at Clemson's Memorial Stadium with his family. An active duty Marine rolled Sams' wheelchair up to Memorial Stadium, while Clemson ROTC cadets saluted. Sams was drafted before he could go to Clemson, but spent many Saturdays going to games before he had a stroke- he did not miss a game for over 50 years.

One cadet, a freshman planning to go into the service after graduation, held Sams' hands and thanked him. She wasn't expecting the tears that came when he thanked her. "That's a wonderful years to come, and I want you to know it's a great service, and it's appreciated  by those of us who  know. I know it's been a long, hard road, but it'll all be worth it. It'll all be worth it in the end."

The cadets and Marine, along with family escorted Sams onto the Clemson football field where his name was flashing on the scoreboard.  "It means a great deal to be taken back to a place that was so wonderful for me and in the good part of my life," Sams said.

Sams also got to rub Howard's Rock for the first time, visit the press boxes, see the players' locker rooms and lounge.

"When we were out on the field I reached down and I said, 'How do you like this?' and he looked back grinning saying, 'What do you think?"'

Mr. Sams was able to get photographs taken of him and his family, 6 generations, out on the field.  This will be something his family will remember forever.

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