Sondra from Monroe, North Carolina
A Dinner Out

Ms. Sondra Helms was admitted to Pruitt Health Union Pointe on 09/15/2016 for long term care.  Ms. Helms was involved in a debilitating car accident that left her in need of skilled nursing services.  Transitioning from being independent to being dependent has been difficult at times, but Ms. Helms has held tight to her family and has always said “family comes first”.  As staff questioned residents for the Second Wind Dreams project, Ms. Helms stated that she would like to have a meal with her whole extended family. 

A day of beauty was planned for Ms. Helms that included getting her hair and nails done and receiving a new dress in her favorite color of blue.  Arrangements were made with a local seafood restaurant for the family to have a meal together.  Transportation was arranged through a local transportation company.  Per her request, Ms. Helms’ favorite Pruitt CNA and the Activities Director, made arrangements to be with her at her special event.  Ms. Helms enjoyed the night out with her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, her sister as well as her nieces and has been all smiles since.

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  • Monroe, North Carolina