Delita from Albany, Georgia
A Dream After the Storm


The first dream was given to Delita Paul who has cerebral palsy and blindness.  Delita resides at home with her caregivers (mother and father).  On Sunday, January 22, 2017, Delita experienced a tragedy in her home from a terrible storm.  A tree was broken from its bark and fell through the roof of her bedroom.  Delita could not see what was going on around her or even to her, but she could hear the hissing and whining that sounded so close to her.  When her father came into her bedroom he found Delita wrapped in her blanket for security at the time.  Delita, was trapped in her bed underneath the tree.  In distress, she tried to call out to her family, but her voice was very faint.  Thankfully, Delita and her family made it to safety and her dream to return home is soon to be fulfilled as clean up and repair work are taking place.


The Second dream was given to Ms. Katherine Woodall with the repair workers outside of her home.  There was damage done to her home after a tree had fallen onto her roof.  Member has stated that she was sitting in her chair with her feet elevated, because she has so much swelling to her feet and legs.  Ms. Woodall said that she heard the wind blowing, but was afraid to get up to go to the window to look outside to see just what kind of danger she was in.  Ms. Woodall said that she continued to watch the news until her television went out.  So, at this point she had no way of keeping up with the weather so she began to pray.  As her prayers continued, she heard a big bang hit the top of her home, then the water started to pour inside her home causing water damage to her furniture and living room flooring.  Ms. Woodall was just shocked and confused on what to do or even where to go at this time.  Ms. Woodall did manage to make her way to her bedroom to get her purse where she kept her cellphone and contacted her brother to let him know what damage was done.  Ms.  Woodall remained with a family member until her repairs were done, but all she wanted was to be back in her own home where she belonged.  Ms. Woodall loved the fact that she could sit in her recliner to watch TV at her own leisure.  Ms. Woodall’s only wish was to replace her recliner and her living area where she was comfortable.  Through the eyes of a care manager her exact living space was replaced and she was home again to recline her feet following a surgery that was done a few days before her furniture was replaced. 


With the remaining $463.46 we were able to purchase 40 adaptable equipment and supplies to give to our members in our service area.

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  • Albany, Georgia