Larry Nine from Monroe, North Carolina
A Good Steak Dinner

Larry Nine

Mr. Larry Nine came to Union Pointe for short term rehabilitation.  He had never been ill and had been leading an active and productive life. One day he experienced horrible pain and went to the hospital to learn that he has a terminal, untreatable cancer.  Upon holding his initial care plan meeting, Mr. Nine was pleasant and positive.  The Social Worker asked him what the staff could do for him and he stated “I have seen commercials and I would like a good steak, potato and dessert”.  Facility staff then sought to make this happen.  The Social Worker contacted Mr. Nine’s daughter and informed her that we wanted to surprise her dad with a dinner out with her.  The day before the surprise the Social Worker went into the room to give the gift card to Mr. Nine’s daughter.  Mr. Nine was present so Social Worker asked the daughter if she could tell him what had been planned.  Daughter consented and Social Worker asked Mr. Nine if he remembered what he had told her he wanted and he stated a “good steak dinner”.  Social Worker then informed him about the surprise and he was all smiles. On 08/05/2017 Mr. Nine, his daughter and his son in law enjoyed a steak dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse in Monroe, NC from Pruitt Health Union Pointe as part of the Second Wind Dreams project.  Social Worker ask Mr. Nine’s daughter to take some pictures.  In follow up Mr. Nine’s daughter stated that Mr. Nine does not like having his picture taken so Social Worker told him that we needed to send information to Second Wind Dreams to show proof of the project and he said “the proof is in my belly”.  

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  • Monroe, North Carolina