Gary from Macon, Georgia
A Little Goes a Long Way


Gary has experienced a number of health issues and hardships in his life. It is a struggle for him on a day to day basis for basic activities of daily living to be completed. Gary lives in less than sanitary conditions. He has been sleeping on an old mattress in his brother’s home. He is in need of clothing as he wears the same outfit for days. Gary's dream was to have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Home First of Macon staff took a trip to Cash Liquidations in Forsyth. We purchased a full bed frame as space is limited, along with a comfortable set of mattresses. We also purchased a mattress pad, a rug and curtains to match. While we were at it, we bought two outfits and a pair of shoes.



We asked Mitzie if there was something that she wanted to do in life that she never got a chance to do or that perhaps would like to do again. Her reply, “I have done everything I want to do, the only thing I want is some gowns and household supplies”.

As you can see, our members have very basic desires. So we purchased toiletries, cleaning supplies and some gowns. Mitzie was so excited to receive just the basic necessities of life. She stated, “these items will last awhile, being on a fixed income, I don’t have the money to buy everything that I need.”



Rosa recently lost everything that she owns to a house fire. Her desire was for us to help out with anything we could. So shoes, clothes, household items and toiletries were purchased. We also purchased pots, pans, a shower curtain and towels.



Kiasha is a 23 year living with multiple medical conditions.  She loves listening to music. Keisha Cole is her favorite recording artist.

Kiasha’s dream was to go to the upcoming Keisha Cole concert and to sing like Keisha Cole. We purchased two tickets to the concert, one for Kiasha and one for an escort. The concert is scheduled for May 13th. We are working with local promoters in hopes that Kiasha will get a chance to meet her favorite artist. Now, the singing like Kiesha Cole is up to Kiasha!

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