Albert from Bethlehem, PA
I Remember Being at the Fire Station With My Dad


One of Albert’s fondest memories was hanging out at the fire station where his dad was the first paid fire captain in Bayonne, NJ. 




It was a very cool morning on November 29th, when Deputy Knoll of the Schweder Fire Station on 4th Street in Bethlehem gave Albert and his son, Albert Jr. a grand tour of the fire house, including the fire truck, water rescue and bomb disarming.  The station also displays metals, horns, hats and photos from the 1920’s.  Proudly displaced is an autographed photo of Johnny Gage from the TV series Emergency.  The best part of the dream for Albert was sitting in the kitchen with the fire men, chatting and listening about changes in their duties over the years as they drank coffee and ate a yummy dessert made by Nancy of TR and home-made chocolates from Albert’s daughter-in-law. 

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  • Bethlehem, PA