Alford Borchelt from Indianapolis, Indiana
Indy Honor Flight

Born during the Depression and raised on a farm Al says he had a great life thanks to his parents.  He graduated high school at the age of 17.  He came to the big city of Indianapolis as a naive young man trying to make good.  Got scammed several times but survived.  He got married at age 20 in 1951 and was drafted into the Army in 1956. He did his two years and went to work as a civilian but decided to enlist into the Air Force in 1956 from where he retired at age 47 after 26 years of service.  He was recognized from the Pentagon with his Third Commendation Medal.   He states he has lived a great life with not much left on his bucket list but to take this honor flight. Lets let him enjoy this with his brother!

 Indy Honor Flight recognizes American Veterans for their sacrifices and achievements by having them come to Washington DC to see THEIR memorial at no cost. Top priority is given to WWII and Korea veterans and terminally ill veterans from all wars.  

Indy Honor Flight requires the following:
Guardians must assist as needed and may be asked to perform tasks like unloading wheelchairs, etc.
Guardians are responsible for getting their veteran to and from all events involving a trip. We have a Meet and Greet
Dinner the evening before where they may need a ride - VETERANS ARE NOT TO DRIVE ON FLIGHT DAY.
Guardians are required to make a non-refundable tax-deductible donation of $450 to cover their expenses, please do not include this donation at this time. We will collect the donation at a later date IF and when you have been invited to
go. The donation does cover everything: Travel expenses (bus and plane) all meals and beverages, etc. a receipt will be provided for tax purposes.
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  • Indianapolis, Indiana