Alice from Hudson, OH
Alice's Going Away Party


Alice is a very special resident who has lived in our retirement community for many years.  It was time for her to move to Las Vegas to be with her family.  It is a wonderful thing for Alice to be close to her family and get to see her grandchildren more often.  Because she was so well loved here and has so many friends here, we wanted to giver her a special farewell wish.  She was reluctant at first, but as her departure grew closer, she agreed that a party would be a good way to get to see her friends again.  Special balloons and a delicious cake accompanied by punch were purchased for the occasion.  We included the party on the daily schedule. So many residents came to wish her well.  It was heartwarming to see her interacting and receiving hugs from her friends.  It really meant a lot to her.  There was a lot of story sharing and laughter. As the party came to a close, she commented that she was surprised how many people, even those she hadn't seen in a long time, came and shared memories of times they've had together.  The party was a very important step for Alice to celebrate the people and good times she has had in her home for many years, as well as a time for her friends to express what Alice meant to them.  Mary, who is excellent at photographing events, made sure to take pictures of each resident with Alice.  A photo book is being constructed and will be mailed to her in Las Vegas so she can remember all her friends back home.  It was hard to see Alice go, but we know it will be a blessing for her to be close to her family, and it feels good to know that she had a proper special send off.

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  • Hudson, OH