Alvin McDaniel from Hendersonville, TN
All's Well that Ends Well!

For Al McDaniel's 78th birthday, he only wanted one thing - FROG LEGS!  So after much calling around, Elmcroft found a restaurant that served frog legs.  A call was made the morning of the big outing to confirm that we would be there around 12:00, hoping that all would be ready for Al.  Al's brother, sister-in-law, and a friend joined us to help Al celebrate.  Much to our dismay, the owner of the restaurant met us at the door, and said that he did not have any frog legs!!!!  Al was the gentleman, and said that it was just fine, and he would eat something else.  The meal was wonderful, despite the huge disappointment.  Everyone had a big time and Al just beamed.At our stand- up meeting the next morning, it was reported about the mishap at the restaurant.  Everyone was disappointed for Al.  Later that afternoon, our Dining Service Director, Heather, came and told us that she had ordered some frog legs, and that Al would have his frog legs after all!!  Yeah Team!!!  So now, Al would have two birthday dinners instead of just one, and we were able to put that smile back on his face again and make his wish come true!

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  • Hendersonville, TN