Alvin McDaniel from Hendersonville, TN
The BEST 80th Birthday Party

Alvin McDaniel

Al McDaniel, a resident of Elmcroft Senior Living of Hendersonville for the past 5 years, recently turned 80 years old.  Al pretty much keeps to himself, but between Elmcroft and his family, we came up with a birthday celebration that put a big smile on his face.  Nineteen people showed up for his party on March 19th.  They ranged in age from 1 month old to 85 years old.  There was a wonderful luncheon with Jimmy John sandwiches and cup cakes for dessert.  After everyone sang Happy Birthday, his little great nephew ran over to Al to give him a kiss on the cheek, and couldn't reach that high, so he kissed Al on his stomach.  Everyone got a good laugh out of that.  All of his family and friends had a wonderful time making Al feel special on his special day.The look on Al's face with his family all around him, is priceless.  What a great day!  

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