Andy Gormley from Jacksonville, FL
True Irishman

Two things I know about Andy (aside from family) that means the world to him is his service in the military (including the Battle of the Bulge), and his Irish heritage.He was born in Ireland and moved to the US at the age of one.  He and wife Cass visited Ireland in 1999 and Andy had the opportunity to see the church that he was baptiszed in.  Andy has a dughter who is flying in this week so we have a party planned just for him at Culhane's Irish Resaurant (that is owned by 4 Irish sisters) in Atlantic Beach, Fl.  They are ready to celebrate Andy and his family to honor him and his roots.  We will have live music and a lunch with his family to capture the joy of what is important to Andy......quite please as it's a surprise....... 

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