Ann Rice from Mt. Washington, KY
Music: Ann's Dad was a Local Star!

    Upon completing paperwork about her life history, Ann Rice shared with her Healthy Lifestyles Director that her dad was somewhat of a local celebrity when she was young. Ann proceeded to playfully recite the lyrics to a hilarious song about a man who wished he'd listened to his own father and married an orphan to avoid dealing with a mother-in-law. Ann knew every word to the song and her eyes sparkled as she sang it. Her father's name was Wilbur Ball and the Healthy Lifestyles Director couldn't wait to Google him to find out exactly who wrote that funny song!

    It turns out Ann's dad played the guitar and sang tenor harmony. Beginning in the mid 1920's and lasting a decade, Wilbur Ball traveled the country with Cliff Carlisle as what many believe was the "first blue yodeling duet team". During this time he toured the vaudeville and tent show circuit. 
    By 1930, Wilbur Ball appeared regularly on WHAS as they launched "The Carlisle Family Saturday Night Barn Dance" on the Louisville radio station. Ann recalls introducing her father and waiting for him back stage as a very young child. At Elmcroft of Mount Washington, we want to honor Ann's past by finding the perfect band to surprise her with her father's song. Their sound was unique as it was influenced by rural blues, old-time string bands and sacred songs. We need to find a band with just the right sound...and just the right heart, to do the old songs justice for Ann Rice.
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  • Mt. Washington, KY