Bibbie from Blairsville, GA
Art Exhibit


Second Wind Dreams, in partnership with the Union County Nursing Home, hosted an art exhibit featuring the talented artwork of Bibbie Barnes, 79 year old semi-retired artist, a wheelchair-bound resident of the Union County Nursing Home.

Bibbie’s last ‘work’ was the familiar face of the ‘sad clown,’ done about 2 years ago. And when interviewed, she expressed a desire to resume her passion for painting.

This set in motion the Second Wind Dreams Board to make arrangements for an art show to be held in the activity room of the nursing home!

Susie, Bibbie’s daughter, was able to obtain 20 paintings and from there the exhibit in the nursing home ‘gallery’ was planned for Wednesday, June 26th.

The special day arrived and found the activity room transformed into the ‘gallery’ with easels scattered about the room displaying Bibbie’s paintings.

In addition, a violinist (Joanna Holloman), was playing appropriate soft ‘art music’, fresh flowers adorned the room, and a table with various cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit, and punch were served.

Conicidently, it being Bibbie’s birthday, a delicious birthday cake complimented the refreshment table. Several areas were set aside where guests could sit and enjoy the setting while socializing and snacking on the refreshments prepared by the kitchen staff of the nursing home.

The ‘showing’ began shortly after 10:00am and guests were flowing in and out continuously until shortly before noon. Guests included many friends, employees of the nursing home and Second Wind Dreams Board members, Chuck Haines, Sharon Arnold, Loretta Petty, Marge Reach, Genevieve Sullivan, Carla Colombo, Shirley and Ty Cobb, and Sally Wiley. Special guest, Jo George, Founder of the Blairsville ‘Dream Weavers’ also attended the event. It should be noted that a guest book was available and there were 109 signees recorded, and that more than likely does not account for everyone that attended the event.

The 20 paintings displayed a wide variety of subjects, showing Bibbie’s versatility with a brush. Bibbie said all of her paintings are the result of a vision, and there is a story behind each one of the well over 100 she has done over the years. Her family and close friends have been the fortunate recipients of her work and are treasured by those that have received them.

Second Wind Dreams Board was able to present Bibbie with some artist tools such as some paint brushes, a couple of canvases, a small easel, and a colorful smock.

We hope this event will entice Bibbie to renew her special talent that will bring joy to herself and others, fulfilling her dream to resume painting.

As Bibbie’s dream day came to conclusion, her emotional comment, “this is the best thing that could have ever happened to me”, touched us all and was a fitting end to her ‘dream day’. 

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  • Blairsville, GA