Basil Devore from Greenville, SC
Country Club prime rib is on the menu for Basil

Basil Devore

Basil, a hospice resident at The Gardens at Eastside ( and a resident of many years, used to belong to a country club with his wife. They had a tradition of going out every weekend for prime rib. For Basil's dream, he told the staff at The Gardens at Eastside that he would like to go out to a nice restaurant for prime rib one more time.

With the dream set for a Wednesday night in June, the team took Basil and his family by limousine to the Commerce Club in downtown Greenville, S.C. This beautiful restaurant is situated on top of a building that has large glass windows that overlook the picturesque downtown area. There Basil has his prime rib ( and was determined to eat it all).

Basil's daughter, son in law, and grandson were able to join him for the affair. His grandson who played college football for both the University of Georgia and Virginia Tech, and Basil adores him. He does not get to see him very often, a fact that make this surprise even better!

In the end, a happy (and very full) Basil left with his dream of enjoying one of his favorite pastimes one more time fulfilled.


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