Betty from Hudson, OH
A Night at the Opera


We have a resident that absolutely loves opera, especially Puccini.  Madame Butterfly was going to be performed at the Ohio Theatre in Playhouse Square for one evening and we planned to take her out for an evening of delicious food and beautiful music. Though we had talked about it for months and picked out an outfit and she was very excited, unfortunately she had a change in her health and had to be hospitalized and wasn't able to go with us. 

We decided to find another resident who would enjoy the opera and Betty told us she would love to go.  She remembers going shopping in downtown Cleveland and it brought back memories for her to see Playhouse Square-the theatre district. We took her for an amazing Italian meal at Cibreo's and she got to try a very interesting ravioli with Chestnuts inside and a cream sauce!  She was impressed by the huge outdoor chandelier over the street and we even saw a horse drawn carriage.  Betty enjoyed seeing the opera and all the people at the theatre- the music was beautiful.   During intermission we had a great conversation about her exciting  life during the war and being a WAVE in the navy.  After the show, we were able to have 2 of the actresses pose for pictures with Betty. It was a wonderful evening for her, and even though the dream started out for another resident, it became a dream come true for Betty.

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  • Hudson, OH