Betty from Hudson, OH
Going Back To The Lakes


Betty grew up in her family home at Portage Lakes, Ohio.  Not only did she grow up there, she also swam through the lakes.  She was on a swim team and was a record setter and national champion!  She was one of the first females to be inducted into the Summit County Sports Hall of Fame!  We wanted to take Betty back to the lakes to relive those great memories.  She gave us directions to get to the home she grew up in, and as we were taking a picture, the current owner even came out and talked to her. Betty's daughter also came for the trip and was able to help her recall memories and they really enjoyed being together. 

We rented a pontoon boat for 2 hours to take Betty on a relaxing cruise around the lakes. It was a beautiful day and perfect temperature.  Betty was so relaxed on the boat and was able to point out landmarks from her past. She identified the different canals and gave directions on which way to go.  After an hour on the lake, when asked if she wanted to go eat lunch, she said she could keep going, and we got to explore even more of the lakes together.  After the lovely ride in the pontoon, we took Betty and her daughter to a restaurant right on the lake where we could look out the window at the water.  Betty's daughter brought some amazing photo memory books from Betty's family pictures and swimming career and shared them with us.  It was fun learning more about Betty's life and hearing amazing stories of her swimming adventures. Upon returning, Betty gave us multiple hugs and was so grateful for the beautiful time at the lake.


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  • Hudson, OH