Betty Hornor from State College, PA
A Big Heart for Others

Betty Hornor

Betty is one of the shining stars that everyone wants to know, she greets you with a bright smile and warm greeting. Betty loves to be with people and has a generous heart. Betty was athletic as a youth and never out grew the love of sports. In her youth she loved hunting, fishing, and playing softball. Betty continued playing softball even after she got married. Her team won the Center County Championships from 1963–65. Betty loves to encourage people to do their best she is a huge fan of the Penn State Football team as well as the Softball teams. She also loves the Ladies Lions Basketball.

When she was asked what can we do to fulfill a dream for you, she said she has had the best life could offer a loving family and good friends. She talks about the love of sports, I asked if she would like to go to a game she said no because of the wheelchair - she didn’t like going out. Although she had gone to many games in the past she has never met any of the Penn State Mascots.

 Elmcroft contacted Scott at the Penn National Minor Leagues, who runs the Medlar Field in State College the minor league is called the Spikes who are in Affiliation of Pittsburgh Pirates, Their Mascot is a Deer Called Ike the Spike and the Naughty Nook Monster a Large Blue Monster he goes out in the field and plays tricks on the team members and audience during the games. On May 20th it was arranged for the Nook monster to surprise Betty at Elmcroft, She was so excited that she wanted to share the day with the other residents.

Everyone was excited to see she was having her picture taken and they wanted their picture taken too so we spent the morning taking everyone’s picture before you know it we were in Heart Land Village and when Betty is having fun she wants everyone to have fun to. We finished her day off fun with Bingo Games. Her Favorite past time.

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  • State College, PA