John from Hendersonville, TN
Big John's Jamboree Excursion


John is a 92 year old gentleman that resides at Elmcroft of Hendersonville.  He grew up and spent his whole life in the Shackle Island area, just outside of Hendersonville.  He knows everyone in that area, and everyone knows “Big John”.  Every day John would go to the Long Hollow Jamboree for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Sometimes he would spend the whole day.  The Jamboree was like a second home to him.  Knowing how much he missed the good food and all his friends that congregated  at the Jamboree, Elmcroft decided to take him back there for a John Harrison Day!  We were met by members of his family, friends, caregivers, and the owners of the restaurant.  Everyone was ready to celebrate  John’s special day.  His daughter had set up a table with old pictures for everyone to see and we put up a banner stating “John Harrison is the Greatest!”.  John was all smiles as he cracked jokes with his old friends and had his lunch.  He didn’t even have to order…..they knew what he would want!  After lunch, everyone in the restaurant had a piece of cake to honor John.


John’s day was special to all of us.  There’s nothing better than good friends and family.

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  • Hendersonville, TN