Bernie from Wheeling, WV
Bernie's Symphony Dream


Bernie a 93 year old WWII veteran spoke of his desire to conduct a symphony after a musical activity at the Continuous Care Center. He mentioned his love for instruments and music. Bernie said he collected different instruments and never knew how to play them but thought it would be fantastic to be the person standing in front of the group of people who could play. He said in all of his years of living its the one thing he never was able to experience.

The dream was fulfilled on November 11,2011, at the Wheeling Symphony's Veteran Day Masterworks production. Bernie was invited my Maestro Andre Raphel to be the honorary conductor for the evening. He was presented with a baton to use to conduct. His evening was made complete with a donation by Stages Inc. of a tuxedo and limosiene service was donated by Kepner Funeral home. tickets for Bernie and his family were donated by the Wheeling Symphony. Bernies daughter, son in law, grandaughter, grandson and great grandson had the great pleasure of watching Bernie recieve special recognition at the performance.

Local media covered the story from the invitation to the actual recognition. Bernie stated several he loved living the life of a celebrity! He said he was "tickeled pink" about the attention and he also said he did it all for his wife and wished she could see him perform.

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