Evelyn from Baldwin, Georgia
Bluegrass Family Gathering

Mrs. Wofford, better known to all of us as Evelyn, has been very ill lately and in and out of the hospital many times.

She has become family to all of us here at The Oaks Scenic View Assisted Living community.

Evelyn loves us as her extended family but something was missing. Evelyn was very active with her family all her life. They loved family reunions, and like many of us from the beautiful mountains of North Georgia, loved the sweet mountain bluegrass music. This played a big part in their family traditions.

As Evelyn’s condition grew worse she was faced with not being able to attend theses family gatherings. This was a great loss to her. Evelyn loves her family dearly but does not get to attend these gatherings anymore. She said to us that it would be a dream come true if she was able to attend one more family gathering with her favorite bluegrass music and barbeque with all the trimmings! Her family used to gather for meals and attend all the Bluegrass festivals they could. She made many friends with the bluegrass performers and misses that very much.

Due to her failing health she came to live with us here at The Oaks and many of her family have been unable to visit, much less have a reunion.

Her dream was to have one more family gathering with all the trimmings and bluegrass music.

This is just what we were able to give her. On March 5th, 2017.  We had a family reunion here at the Oaks Scenic View ALF. We served a barbeque lunch with all the fixings. We had a bluegrass band to play and sing. Her family came as well as all of her extended family here at the Oaks. She had an escort to the festivities who brought her a bouquet of flowers and we celebrated her dream come true.

Evelyn said, “I would give anything to have my family together just one more time, like we used to do when I was able”.

Mrs. Evelyn, we were so happy to be a part of this wonderful dream.

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  • Baldwin, Georgia