Bruce from Hudson, OH
A Day at the Military Aviation Museum


During World War II, Bruce served in the US Air Force and was a navigator for over 50 successful mission flights.  When approached about doing a Second Wind Dream, Bruce wanted to go to the MAPS (Military Aircraft Preservation Society) museum in Canton Ohio.  A trip was planned for Bruce and his family to have lunch at an Air Force themed restaurant called the 365th Fighter Group, and to tour the museum.  The tour brought back so many memories for Bruce, and he was able to reminisce about his role in World War II.  He had the opportunity to see many full-sized air crafts from different eras in military history and to tour their exhibits of history and memorabilia.  The staff and volunteers at the museum were so happy to have him come and supplied 6 free tickets for Bruce and his family and SWD team member Mary Ford.  Bruce still smiles whenever the trip is mentioned, and Mary Ford made a special framed photo collage of the trip so Bruce can have a memento to hang in his room.  

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  • Hudson, OH