Bud Gardner from Hudson, OH
A 70th Anniversary to Celebrate!

Bud Gardner

Bud and his wife were married on June 1, 1944.  This June 1st was their 70th wedding anniversary!  We wanted to make it a very special occasion for both of them. Bud is a resident of our skilled nursing facility and his wife comes to visit him often.  The SWD committee dream-weavers decided to have a delicious dinner of eggplant parmesan brought in from a great Italian restaurant called "Zeppe's" since Italian food is their favorite.  They also purchased a card and balloon for Bud to give his wife.  A gigantic bouquet of flowers was purchased for both of them so each would have some to keep.  The dream-weavers made the dinner special by using the fine china and providing great and attentive service for the meal.  Bud's wife was so surprised and moved by the wonderful evening.  It meant so much to Bud, and he kept asking in amazement why he was chosen to receive this dream.  Their anniversary evening was a beautiful dream come true--you can see by the smiles on their faces.  Bud still talks about the dream and how wonderful it was. A large framed picture of the happy couple was given to each of them as a memento of their 70th anniversary dinner for two.

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  • Hudson, OH