Betty from Carlyle, IL
birthday hockey dream

When we asked Betty if you could have anything you wanted for your birthday what would you want? She said to take her daughter Darla and Darla's family to a St. Louis Blues Hockey game because they take care of me all the time. Betty's birthday was Sept. 27th. She startd crying when I said I would try to get her tickets, she and her daughter both cried when I said I could get the tickets and we had a bawling fest when I presented the tickets to them! My friend that works at Anhueser-Busch looked into it and came up with 6 tickets in the area where they had their own bathroom and also a waitress to take their order. Her family took off of work. Gramma watched Darla's sons play Hockey all over the United States and Canada. They had a great time! I will scan some pictures that Darla took for you. You still cannot wipe the smile off of Betty's face. Thanks again for helping us think outside of the box!

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  • Carlyle, IL