Carol Parsons from Jacksonville, FL
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Carol Parsons

Back in the day Carol Parsons was very well known in the pottery world in Jacksonville, Florida. She has created some amazing pieces the family says. Although she cannot create what she has in the past the family thought just to get her hands on a wheel and feel it moving will not only bring back happy times but it will make her smile from ear to ear. We have secured a young man who is going to bring a wheel in on Feb 8th and between the two of them they will create a piece together. She will be crowned Queen for the day and following we will have a lunch (with her favorite meal:  baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gray, and peas) in her honor with family and guests.(7 total)


Update:  Dream Fulfilled on February 8, 2017

What an incredible day for Carol and her family!  Carol was a natural back at the pottery wheel.  Her family could hardly believe the things she remembered.  Carol was overjoyed as she completed 4 small pieces for each of them to treasure.

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  • Jacksonville, FL