Catherine Jeffrey from Middletown, NJ
A Dancer's Dream Come True!

Catherine Jeffrey

Catherine was a ballroom dancer for many years.  She enjoyed Latin Dancing, Waltz's & Swing.  She met her husband in a dance studio. Catherine's dream is to Ballroom Dance again.  She is 84 years old and when asked what was the most fun she ever had, her answer was "On the Dance Floor".  When asked to describe her perfect day her answer was "my perfect day would be to have a good dance partner."  We would like to make Catherine's dream come true to Ballroom Dance with a great Dance Partner!


Dream Update:  Fulfilled on January 13, 2017 with the help of generous donors.

Arbor Terrace of Middletown was very excited to fulfill Catherine's 2nd Wind Dream "A Dancer's Dream Come True". Catherine was a Ball Room dancer all her life. She had met her husband ball room dancing. Her dream was to be able to Ball Room dance once again with a perfect Dance Partner! Through 2nd wind dreams and Middletown Arts Center we were able to grant her dream! Middletown Arts Center provided Catherine with the perfect Ball Room Dance Partner! We pampered her with manicures, hair and makeup and bought her a beautiful Ball Room dress and a corsage to complete a wonderful dream come true for her!


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  • Middletown, NJ