Margie from Bethlehem, PA
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Margie was home birthed by a physician, who unfortunately placed too much silver nitrate in her eyes. When she was eleven years young she had an infection in her left eye, which resulted in a prosthesis.  Sadly, her classmates were cruel, because she looked different.  Margie was very self conscious of her appearance and was the class clown in school.  At sixteen, she was asked to enroll in Overbrook, School for the Blind in Philadelphia.  At last, she felt understood and no longer lonely.  She made many friends, which she still connects with today.  Her dream was to feel less self conscious by having her eye lid work normally.  Dr. Joe LeGrand fulfilled her dream by creating a new prosthesis, which in time will allow her lid to open and close naturally
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  • Bethlehem, PA