Charles from Bethlehem, PA
Holiday memories


 Charlie loves trains and knows just about everything about them.  On August 18th, Gene Miller of Bethlehem brought in his 60 year old train set from his childhood and he and Charlie put down the track and placed the engine, carts and caboose on the track.  Like magic, the whistle blew, the lights were flickering and the train took off.  It reminded Charlie of Christmases past, when he would take over half the living room in his home and run a train track under Two Christmas trees for his family to enjoy during the holidays.  Charlie found the lunch meal that Jean, of Dining, made of Schnitz & Knepp so authentic and delicious as well as the wet bottom shoofly pie that Nurse Sally baked just for him.  The meal brought back such wonderful memories of attending fairs with his family that he decided to have the leftovers for supper! 


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  • Bethlehem, PA