Christine Fletcher from Hendersonville, TN
The Lady with the Big Smile!

Christine Fletcher

Christine Fletcher, a resident at Elmcroft Senior Living in Hendersonville, Tennessee, wanted to give her friends a surprise gift at Christmas.  She and her husband had opened up Fletcher's Pizza Parlor over 40 years ago, and it is still in operation.  She gave the business to her son after her husband died and she was no longer able to handle it.  Everyone loves pizza!!  Why not a pizza party???  On Dec 9, 2015, her son, Gary, brought in pizza for everyone.  We set up a special room for her, and put a chef's hat on her head and an apron around her waist.  She had been a jack-of-all trades at her pizza parlor, so she felt at home donning her chef's attire.  She was all smiles as she told about the happy times she had serving and talking to her customers.  After she retired, her son said that everyone wanted to know where the nice lady was with the BIG smile?  She was quite the fixture around the place, and everyone knew and loved her.  We do, too!

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  • Hendersonville, TN