Clidal Freeman from Decatur, Georgia
Clidal's Last Wish

Clidal Freeman
 Clidal’s Last Wish
Clidal Freeman was admitted to Pruitt Health Decatur on 5/3/2011. Since her admission, Clidal was the epitome of the perfect resident. She was caring, loving, understanding, and she was a fighter. She fought for what was right, she fought for the other residents, and she fought to maintain her independence and functionality. She fought every day to get the opportunity to return home to her family. Like many of nursing home residents, she started out in our transitional care unit with the goal of getting stronger and returning to home to her daughter and grand-daughter. Unfortunately, her disease process was too severe to be managed at home. With the only option left being to stay in a nursing home, Clidal made the best of it and lived her life to the fullest. Her dream was always to go to the Aquarium.
On March 17, 2017, Clidal Freeman fulfilled a dream she had desired since she could remember, which was to go to the aquarium. She, and a few of her closest friends were chaperoned to the destination. Clidal was elated upon entrance to the aquarium. Her excitement was reminiscent of a child going to Disney world for the first time. Her eyes widened in wonderment, as she saw the different species showcased in their aquatic habitat. She enjoyed the joyful laughter and screams of the children who were visiting the aquarium. The experience was sweetened by the presence of her friends, whom she could compare notes and stories at the end of the day. Numerous staff members from several departments joined in witnessing Clidal in her happiest state, and to assist the accompanied residents through the trip’s proceedings. The staff had fashioned T-shirts with the word “Dreamers” written on them. This was a statement of solidarity. This outing was not only a means to fulfilling her dream. It was also an opportunity for her to break from the monotony of the activities of daily living at the nursing home. It was a way for her to break free from the illusory shackles often felt by residents. She enjoyed every minute of that freedom. It was certainly a day she would never forget. It was, however, the last day of her life. 
Clidal passed away a few hours after her memorable day. It was as though she was waiting to accomplish that dream before she could bid the world goodbye. Clidal leaves behind her daughter, grand-daughter, friends, and staff members alike, who loved and cherished her. She will surely be missed.
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