Inez from Fitzgerald, Georgia
Sisterly Reunion

Ms. Inez came to America with an aunt over 45 years ago from Nicaragua, leaving behind her mother, father, and sister for a better life. She has maintained contact with her sister throughout the years by phone, mail, and even sending her money when she could. Listening to Ms. Inez talk about her sister and the bond they share, be it hundred of miles away, is so touching. She talks about her sister's family, as if they had just gathered for a weekend visit. Ms. Inez was admitted to our facility a few years ago and unfortunately, due to her failing health, can no longer travel long distances, especially out of the country. She wishes to see her sister again, but knows her health will not allow it. Her sister is in no way financially capable of making a trip to the States. We are hoping, with some careful planning and a donation, Ms. Khan's sister would be able to visit her here. Ms. Inez is so kind and always willing to help other residents. She is truly deserving of this wish.
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  • Fitzgerald, Georgia