Jack from Toccoa, Georgia
Committed to our Veterans

Jack was in the air force for 22 years. He will turn 97 years old (tomorrow). It has been many years since he has been a part of anything to do with our military. Toccoa has a lot of  military background. Camp Toccoa was an Army paratrooper training camp during WWII.  They have been numerous movies made about “Camp Toccoa”. So we are in a great community to explore military history. We are going to start off by taking Jack and two of his veteran friends from Toccoa nursing center to the National Guard Armory. There we will see how things have changed with the military since their services decades ago. After that we will go to the Toccoa Military Museum there we will get to see artifacts from people in the community that have served in different wars and in different branches of the military. There is a horse stable that is actually inside the museum that was flown from Europe to Toccoa to be placed in the museum. It was used as living quarters for our military during WWII. Later we will have a military ball and invite all of the veterans from the Toccoa Nursing center and their families. As well as past, present, and future military inside our community to come and show these men that we care about them and are thankful for what they did for our country. 

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