Margaret from Marietta, GA
Cooking with Chef


Margaret has two PHD’s in Nutrition and worked in a hospital setting for many, many years. She was a hospital dietitian and was responsible for feeding over 400 patients, staff and guests daily. Margaret’s passion for cooking was fostered by her loving Mother who would cook meals for those in need within her community. As a young girl she enjoyed cooking many wonderful recipes in their family kitchen. The aroma of baking, the joy of cooking family dinners and other special dishes are fond memories she loves to reminiscence about.

Margaret is one of the kindest, most helpful and selfless residents.She is always serving others and playing the consummate host.  Her love of cooking is demonstrated through many of our community activities. From our cooking and baking clubs to assistance with our special community events, Margaret takes part.

We were thrilled to fulfill a special dream for Margaret as she cooked along side the incredible Chef Roach with Levy Restaurants. Margaret and fellow resident, Cliff, enjoyed this Cooking Dream come true as they prepared paella with Chef Roach. It was a delicious lunch! Chef Roach even surprised Margaret with her favorite dessert, Banana Pudding.

Thank you Levy Restaurants, Chef Roach, and Sunrise Senior Living!!!


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