John from Calhoun, Georgia
Covered Bridge of Love

Mr. Russell is a 76 year old male who has been on service with PruittHealth  Hospice since September 2016. Mr. Russell had been taken care of at home by his partner of 12 years, Ms. Peggy Cordle and with the support of PruittHealth Hospice- Calhoun, but had to be admitted to Lafayette NH in February 2017.


It was Mr. Russell's dream to see Historic Euharlee Covered Bridge. Mr. Russell stated he wanted to see a covered bridge because,"I want to take Peggy somewhere special. You see I was a truck driver and have been to 48 states and Mexico and Canada. Peggy has not traveled at all.  I want to take her somewhere she will remember as a thank you for all she has done to take care of me."


PruittHealth Hospice -Calhoun arranged for Mr. Russell to be transported to the Euharlee Covered Bridge on March 21, 2017. With the patient's permission, the writer and photographer from Cartersville Daily Tribune joined the party to provide media coverage of the event. Mr. Russell was accompanied on his trip by Ms. Cordle. During the visit to Historic Euharlee Covered Bridge, Ms. Cordle stated, "Oh this is beautiful, I don't get out much and I am so thankful that I am able to see the bridge with John."


Transportation was provided by our community partner, A Caring Man and a Van. Mr. Ashley, van driver, stated, "We usually only take patients to doctor offices and hospitals.  It is nice to be able to take Mr. Russell to a scenic place.  I've never been to Euharlee and I can see why he wanted to bring Ms. Peggy here."


After an hour and a  half trip  to Euharlee, the couple received a guided tour of the Historic Euharlee Covered Bridge.  Ms. Gobbi, Euharlee Welcome Center & Museum Director, provided a detailed history of the Euharlee Covered Bridge along with a tour of the Welcome Center & Museum. Ms. Gobbi said,"We welcome Mr. Russell and Ms. Cordle to our community treasure, Euharlee Covered Bridge. We are glad Mr. Russell chose to share his Second Wind Dream exploring the beauty of the Euharlee Covered Bridge."


Following the visit to the Historic Euhalee Covered Bridge,transportation was provided to Johnny Mitchell BBQ Restaurant. Originally Johnny Mitchell restaurant was located near the The Historic Euharlee Covered Bridge for 8 years. Currently Johnny Mitchell's BBQ Restaurant is located on Henderson Rd,in Cartersville. Owners Johnny and Jill Mitchell generously donated lunch for the couple.  Mr. Russell and Ms. Cordle were able to meet restaurant owners Johnny and Jill Mitchell and have their picture taken with them.


We thank all of our community partners for working with us to make Mr. Russell's dream of venturing out to see Historic Euharlee Covered Bridge come true.   We are challenged by our own leaders as well as Second Wind Dreams to allow our patients a chance to voice their dreams and make some of those dreams come true.  The experience of seeing Mr. Russell enjoy this adventure is a testimony that you are never too old to dream and create new and lasting memories.  Cartersville Daily Tribune will run this as their Feature Story on April 2, 2017. We at PruittHealth Hospice see this as another opportunity to serve our patients and work together with our community.  This is a chance to give back to our senior adults who have positively impacted their communities.  We look forward to facilitating more dreams coming true year after year through the Second Wind Dream challenge.

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