Curless from Roswell, GA
Lucky Charm


Curless enjoys concerts such as Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Andy Williams, (recorded, of course) but it would be a dream come true if she had the "real Deal!"

I would like to hire Singing Steve to sing her favorite songs just for her!  A surprise party would bring a smile back to her face. Family invited to enjoy with her.


Update:  Dream fulfilled on December 27, 2016

Today we celebrate Curless and the joy she brings to everyone she meets. Her favorite performers are Tony Bennett, Perry Como and Andy Williams.  Her true passion is shopping and finding bargains no matter what the “treasure”! Second to none, Curless adores spending time with her family! With this in mind the perfect day was planned for her.

Curless went shopping and had a blast finding the perfect dress for this special day.  Her grandson, Lance, was here to share this occasion.  Peggy was the surprise guest- she is the daughter of Curless’ best friend, Sitty.   Mike Silver provided the perfect show by playing her favorite songs and telling her life story.  Curless was the life of the show and stated “I appreciate this great honor and am thankful to be here!”.

Thank you, Curless, for being an inspiration to us all.




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  • Roswell, GA