Daisy from Mansfield, OH
Revisiting Warther's

Daisy had previously toured the Warther's Family Museum, but it was her dream to return. As we were arriving, she talked about the expanded parking area and how it was so nice from the previous visit. Daisy toured the Button House, the tulip gardens, and viewed the arrowhead collections. She especially enjoyed the carvings of Mr. Warther. He started with thousands of indeividual wooden pliers, to a tree of over 300 pliers (no glue, all one piece of folding wood), to exact replicas of trains from various woods and ivory. She especially like the Lincoln Funeral Train. Afterwards she voted for lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken, where we enjoyed delicious food. The day was perfect, and Daisy added a wonderful memory to her life.
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  • Mansfield, OH