Daisy from Mansfield, OH
That New Amish Farm


Daisy had seen a picture book of the Amish farm which took folks for wagon rides out among exotic animals to feed the animals. She told us she wanted to go feed those animals and also eat some good Amish food!

Upon arriving, we unloaded at the two Amish homes that are on display and open for walk through. We had our picnic lunch in the cool basement of one home, and marveled at the one wall just full of freshly canned fruits and veggies that had been grown there at the farm. The house actually had full kitchens in the basements, along with full kitchens on the main floor, so we were enjoying the wonderful smell of the salsa (yes, salsa) they had canned that morning.

Our Mennonite driver, Noah, then brought the horse and wagon right up to the sidewalk at the house to assist us in loading. Daisy then enjoyed the hour long wagon ride through their unique farm. She was able to feed many varieties of cattle and deer from all over the world, llamas, rhea, ostriches, reindeer, elk, and giraffes. We attached the picture of Daisy standing on the wagon and feeding the giraffes.

She also saw goats and camels, pot belly pigs and donkey, draft horses and kangaroos, and several exotic birds, a tortious, and one type of monkey. It was a great zoo - farm experience.

We then headed over to the number one rated local Amish restaurant for supper. Daisy said her supper was great, but the home made peach pie for dessert was the perfect topper for the day! All in all, Daisy had a picture perfect adventure!

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  • Mansfield, OH