Delores and William from Hendersonville, TN
Date Night at DQ

Delores and William

Delores and William Cook have been married for 61 years.  They both reside in our memory care unit at Elmcroft of Hendersonville.  Their fondest memories were going to the Dairy Queen for a date.  Elmcroft decided to rekindle their past memories by letting them have a "date" again at our Dairy Queen.  They got all spruced up and took a van ride to the DQ  They sat together in the back seat of the van and held hands  I think the van ride would have been enough of a thrill for them without going out to eat, because they just loved being able to look out at our city.  They couldn't believe their good fortune to be back to Dairy Queen again.  William commented that this Dairy Queens had really been up-dated.  He remembered just walking to the window and ordering.  They both ordered their usual - cheeseburger, fries, drink, and to top it off -  strawberry sundaes!  They just talked and smiled the whole while.  After 61 years of marriage, you could see that they were still very much in love and happy to be just the two of them having a date again.

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  • Hendersonville, TN