Delores Phillips from Savannah, Georgia
101st Birthday Wish

Delores Phillips

It was her 101st birthday and all she wanted was to eat at her favorite place "Ole Time Country Buffet". I dont know about you, but I find it prettyy easy to say yes to a 100 year old, so thats exactly what she got. Walking in was a tear jerking experience as all of the employees ran up to greet and hug Ms. Delores. It had been years since they'd seen the birthday girl, and a beautiful surprise to all. As Ms. Delores ate, she sang a few of her favorite songs, joked about how great (and terrible) her food selections were, and clapped as she became a celebrity getting sung to by everyone dining. It was an amazing experience allowing her to relive her favorie moment, and an honor to be able to share a meal with someone with so much wisdom, and so many years behind her.

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  • Savannah, Georgia